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I am a versatile creative with expertise in graphic design, illustration,

and visual arts.


Art and design exist on opposite sides of the same spectrum. The successes and failures of design are easily measured while art evades all attempts at definition. The experience of beauty is a fundamental part of being human. Good design is engaging visual communication across mediums. Art sheds light on the most surreal aspects of being human.


As both an artist and designer, I embrace

the creative spectrum in its entirety. My approach to making analyzes audience, purpose, process, and context. It acknowledges the necessity of usable, human-centered design and the deeply personal nature of art-making. My work is not either or—it exists within the ever-changing space between. It ebbs and flows between utilitarian functionality and absurdist ideation as needed.


I am not simply an artist, illustrator, or designer


—I am dynamically creative.


Point Loma Nazarene University / 2017–2021

Bachelor of Arts,

Graphic Design

GPA 3.8–4.0


PLNU Dean's List / 2017–2021

PLNU Art & Design Department Scholarship / 2017–2021


west of modernism

Honors group exhibition / Love Gallery, PLNU

San Diego, CA / April 2019

RAW artists, stellar

Group exhibition / House of Blues

San Diego CA / October 2019

we: art collective, form

Group exhibition / Culture Brewing

Oceanside, CA / October 2019

la playa books

Solo exhibition / La Playa Books, Point Loma,

San Diego, CA / November 2019–January 2020


Group exhibition / Keller Gallery, PLNU,

San Diego, CA / October 2020


Solo exhibition / Keller Gallery, PLNU, 

San Diego, CA / April 2021

artist                                          & designer

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