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Connections was a virtual exhibition and art exchange that came as a response to the public health crisis of 2020. PLNU’s art and design students and faculty were asked to create five unique pieces in any medium that had to do with the idea of connection during a time of unprecedented isolation.


The prompt for this exhibition was broad and guided by a singular word—connection. Each of the five pieces I created have three elements, all of which appear throughout the series. Amorphous pink shapes lay on top of torn bits of a found Palm Springs postcard. A neon green line cuts through them in unpredictable yet harmonious ways.


The pink shapes are fragments of a larger painting I had done while in quarantine. The original painting was a means of processing the changes taking place around me, namely those having to do with the shifting state of various relationships. The postcard, found in an antique shop, emanates a sense of comfortable familiarity—a nostalgia for a world that no longer exists.


These bits of recognizable imagery are bombarded by forms that are harsh and impossible to ignore. A bright green line cuts through each composition to create a sense of directionality; a winding path reminiscent of the challenges that come with navigating a brand new world as it continues to unfold.


In addition to the artwork I created, I designed promotional signage for the exhibition. These banners feature select pieces from the series and include the exhibition title and location, as well as a short description of its contents.

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