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creation care week.

Each year, Point Loma Nazarene University’s senior graphic design students team up with the Department of Sustainability to promote Creation Care Week. During this time, they collaborate to create visual communication to encourage students to take action to mitigate their individual impact on the environment, as well as encourage awareness of global sustainability efforts.


Each student was given a section of copy from the website and was prompted to create a short animation that communicated the ideas in a way that was both accessible and informative. The content from my assigned section, entitled “So What Needs to Change?”, serves as a call to action. It is an urgent signal to readers to take action against the large corporations and entities that cause the most environmental harm. Given the current state of the world, I opted for an approach that softened the already bleak and intense messaging. I chose an illustration style that was bright and engaging. I wanted the important information being presented to be approachable and easy to digest for viewers who may not be familiar with the language or subject matter.

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