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FLUX, on show during the week of April 19th, 2021, was a solo exhibition that explored the process of change as it relates to both the individual and the universal. Throughout recent years, I have experienced a significant ideological shift. For this show, I wanted to not only acknowledge the progress I have made personally, but invite viewers to observe the points in their own lives where small changes have culminated in major transformations.


Evolution takes place slowly over eons, so I was tasked with finding a way to communicate the passage of time in a single moment. My solution was to present the viewer with a microcosm of the evolutionary process. This was achieved through a series of paintings that depict increasingly abstracted interpretations of a single photograph. Each subsequent painting is a further skewed version of the one that comes before it. Through this game of ‘visual telephone,’ the minutiae of everyday life become magnified, thus encouraging viewers to reflect on the small moments and decisions that directly determine who they become. 

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