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personal brand.

I am both an artist and designer.  I acknowledge and embrace the interconnectedness of these two realms. I strive to exist in the space between art and design and create in ways that are not limited by my thoughts, materials, or arbitrary cultural binaries. In developing my brand, I opted to emphasize not the dualism, but the inclusivity of my creative practice. This was accomplished by creating a typographically driven system that is visually supported by an unforeseen computing error. 


In the early stages of conceptualization, I printed out a series of thumbnails for review. At some point during the process, a stack overflow occurred which resulted in a printed error message composed of a long series of numbers. Throughout the design process, I had been attempting to reconcile my role as both an artist and designer and communicate the ways in which I work in the space between these two things. The error message I received was one that took my work as an artist and fed it through a machine, effectively allowing me to see my work through the lens of the binary. What I had was a computational interpretation of art; an inherently human inclination now filtered through an analog system. This error message is a visualization of the ways in which art and design—beauty and functionality—coexist with one another.


Within the visual system I have created, this error message serves as a visual counterpoint to what would otherwise feel like a sterile and impersonal typographic system. The error, which always appears in bright yellow, adds a layer of texture and complexity to the identity while also remaining simple enough to appear natural in a variety of mediums and settings.


The decision to keep the system simple was intentional. I wanted to create a brand that was communicative of my goals and values, but that also left plenty of room for my work to speak for itself. What I have created is a dynamic and personally significant system that has the capacity to grow with me throughout my career.

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