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west of modernism.

This series of poster designs utilizes text from LACMA’s 2019 show entitled West of Modernism: California Graphic Design, 1975-1995. The objective of this project was to create new and experimental layouts inspired by the work of West Coast designers who had begun to question the rigidity of modernism. These revolutionary designers pushed the boundaries of type and image, effectively reinventing discourse and design.


This project took place in three stages; typographic experimentation, photography and image studies, followed by poster design. During the first stage, visualizing blocks of type as shapes rather than text allowed for more dynamic compositions to take shape. The photoshoot placed emphasis on objects that were reminiscent of California surf culture and reflected a color scheme that was just as energetic as the place itself. The final stage took the typographic compositions and image studies from the first portion of the project and brought them together in ways that married type with image. The final compositions are bright, dynamic, and embrace the spirit of late 20th century graphic design on the West Coast.

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