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daniel versman.

This album series, designed for Encinitas based musician Daniel Versman, brands his moody, low-key acoustic work with distinctive illustration and typography. Lyrically, the album is an amalgamation of Versman’s experiences and relationships described from a first person perspective. The result is a collection of personally significant songs that allow for listener engagement on a variety of levels.


I created a character that appears in fragments throughout the series. This figure is an abstraction of Versman himself and reflects the role he plays in each story he tells. Loose lines and layered type create variation in both texture and depth. These elements, paired with the ambiguity of the color scheme which is simultaneously bold and muted result in a series of compositions that feel both organic and calculated, not unlike the music itself.


The series includes the front and back album artwork for Versman’s studio album entitled Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory along with artwork for his singles entitled Australia, Savannah, and Lay Me Down. The scope of this project also included a t-shirt design and animated gif in a style that is cohesive with the established visual communication system.

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