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This self-initiated skate brand, called Discard, began as series of collages. These collages were composed individually over the course of four years and communicate striking visual continuity. The original series of collages draws a connection between the significance of easily discarded materials and the experience of loss and abandonment. In application, the fine art elements of the original works harmonize with bold, illustrative type styling to create something completely new.


Each piece in the series was made using colors, images, and textures taken from found print publications. Images are layered in a way that creates depth while maintaining necessary negative space. As such, the compositions are simple and highlight the materiality of their parts. Torn pages are strategically placed alongside straight edges to create textural variation. The air of formality within each piece is contrasted with the ruggedness of found materials like wood and cardboard, resulting in works that feel refined, yet raw.


Because these collages are rather minimal, the success of each visual relationship becomes vital to the overall success of the series. They lack a sense of location and seem to be fragments of ideas floating on blank surfaces. As a result, the series takes on a dream-like quality while maintaining its strategic formal characteristics.


As a skate brand, Discard combines what feels like fine art with functionality. These works exist in the world as usable objects whose inevitable wear and tear will only increase their beauty and complexity.

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